Craig Degenhardt moved into District 15, Northeast Albuquerque back in 1991. He, his wife of 44 years Betty Serfazo, and their two son’s bought their home just a mile north of Coronado Mall in 1993. It’s been the family home ever since.

His home has always been Albuquerque even if his career as a Senior Industrial Designer had him working in China, Taiwan, Russia, and Israel. This has exposed him to different cultures and societies. America is still the best.

Projects he has worked on have included Semiconductor, Solar, and National Labs

The son of a career Air Force Officer, he has followed his father’s life of paying back to society.

He has contributed to society for several years, currently this includes:

Member, Current President and past President, Mossman Neighborhood Association

Voice Talent, Producer, Account Rep, News Correspondent KDSK Sound Souvenirs of the 1950’s,60’s & 70’s Radio Station Rio Rancho New Mexico USA

Tour Guide, since 2012 conducting History and Ghost Tours in Old Town Albuquerque

And in the past:

Member AUGI, AutoCAD Users Group International

Bronze Medalist CAD Design competition 1989 VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America )

Have been a 1st Lt in the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, New Mexico Wing, Eagle Composite Squadron. Mission Observer, Unit Public Information Officer, Squadron Deputy Commander for Seniors.

Judge / Public Relations Volunteer: 2017 & 2023 Spaceport American Cup, Experimental Sounding Rocket Association 122 teams from around the world, University students launched solid, liquid, and hybrid rockets to target altitudes of 10,000 and 30,000 feet.

Chairman 2010 National Bike Rally Organizing Committee

Past President, Board of Directors, co-founder BikeABQ The mission of BikeABQ is to increase the number of bicyclists in Albuquerque for transportation, health, and recreation. We provide education, advocate for the rights of cyclists, and work to create and preserve safe biking environments. The current advocacy work of BikeABQ falls into six general categories: education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, enhancement, and equality. Lobbied U.S. Congress at the National Bike Summit in 2005. Am the spokesman for media interviews. Obtained a $6,000 grant from REI for Bicycle Safety courses. Revised personnel to adhere to accounting practices. Began a massive membership drive campaign. Made the Board more inclusive with a broader range of cyclist’s types participating.

League Certified Instructor, League of American Bicyclists LCI # 1165 and LAB Coach.

Past Chairman, GABAC Greater Albuquerque Bicycle Advisory Committee, advising city Transportation Department on Bicycle & Traffic issues, design of streets & roads to accommodate bicycle lanes and facilities in accordance with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) guidelines.

Member, past President, Mossman Neighborhood Association
      Author, "Pedal Safely, by The Black Tie Bicyclist" column that was published in bicycling club newsletters in the U.S.


New Mexico Flag

To Make New Mexico Better

  • Less crime with more Police
  • Protect the Children with oversight of Childrens Youth Family Department of Services
  • Improve our children's education.
  • Protect the southern border. Be merciful with immigrants.
  • Eliminate property tax for Senior Citizens.
  • Increase employment with incentives for businesses to move to New Mexico.
  • Reduce the homeless in the State.
  • Expansion of mental health services
  • Harsher punishment for repeat DUI’s
  • Expansion of all energy sources
  • Promote a safe peace in the middle east.
  • Support Ukraine
  • Protect our health care for all New Mexicans
  • Support a woman’s right to choose by offering information on all alternatives.
  • Protect gun rights for honorable New Mexicans by having gun safety classes prior to purchases